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The dates are November 16-18 (Tuesday-Thursday) at 12Noon EST for 90 minutes. Together, we’ll ELEVATE your savvy screen space the simple way. Your investment refunded if you’re not delighted.









The casla Formula in action

use my simple exclusive formula to easily recall the process to create even more eye-catching videos to level up your video game

Use the acronym CASLA and see how you can get started with the five components to build your savvy screen space. Most of us enjoy traveling by plane. The CASLA formula offers a way to take you on the journey of setting up your content creation studio or space. Think about the cameras on a plane. It’s the same way your camera lets your audience see what you’re capturing. Then there are angles, which offer a different perspective. The set design is the different configurations in the cabin, first, business and economy, which have a different look and feel. Then there’s lighting, which helps you to set the mood, and finally, the audio, or boarding music or the chimes which flight attendants and pilots use to communicate with each other.

  • CAMERAS – 10% 10% 10%
  • ANGLES – 5% 5% 5%
  • SET DESIGN – 5% 5% 5%
  • LIGHTING – 30% 30% 30%
  • AUDIO – 50% 50% 50%

This is what we’ll cover, click on the module tab for an overview of our time together

  • How to use the manual settings on mobile, webcams and DSLR cameras
  • Framing for vertical and horizontal videos
  • How to get a blurry background in your videos
  • How to use virtual monitors with your old mobile devices
  • How a simple game of tic tac toe can improve your videos
  • How to connect your DSLR as a webcam with free manufacturer software
  • Why prime lenses can elevate your screen game
  • The difference in A-Roll and B-roll and what it can go for your videos
  • How camera angles help shape the way you want to interact with your audience
  • Top 3 recommeded angles for content creators
  • Which angles are the most effective for the type of content you create
  • Seven of the most common angles and which one is best for you
  • The best camera angles for creating aesthetic videos
  • How simply using the right angle can change the emotion of your videos
  • What is a shot list and how it can save you time
  • How varying angles can keep your audience engaged
  • Inexpensive background setups and affordable backgrops
  • How to use create different scenes in the same location
  • The one thing everyone has that can ruin a video
  • Finding props that support your content
  • How to create props using common household items
  • Easy DIY hacks for eye-catching backgrounds
  • How to safely manage your cords to avoid hazards
  • How to manage various set designs
  • The optimal lighting setup in detail
  • How to use alternate lighting sources around your home
  • Why backlights and accent lights can increase product quality
  • How to capitalize on the golden hour and when to use it
  • How a few feet difference in your space can elevate your screen space
  • How to control the light so you can increase your productivity
  • Lighting videos in front of a window and being able to see your face
  • Handling reflection on glasses, props and more
  • Creating a savvy screen space away from your home or office
  • How to use a virtual background flawlessly
  • We watch video with our ears
  • The different types of mics and their uses
  • USB and XLR cables
  • External mics, lavalier mics
  • How to hide mics in your screen space
  • Stands for mics and how to properly use them
  • Where to find FREE royalty-free commercial music sources
  • Why audio is an important element in your videos
  • How to treat a room acoustically the savvy way
  • Rehearse before you press play so you can review your performance, you are your best teacher
  • Review the game tape so you can improve your skillset
  • Pros and cons of having scripts, intros and outros
  • What to have in your script for engaging your audience
  • Check your surroundings, place your mobile phone in airplane mode, if shooting with it, if you have a landline, take it offline
  • How to connect on Skype, Google Meet, MS Teams and Zoom
  • Which platform is best for the type of content you create
  • How to use virtual backgrounds on these platforms
  • What is Ghost Mode and how you can use it
  • How to add slides to your presentation to keep your audience engaged
  • Plus, a collection of where to find free presentation slide templates
  • Using OBS as a free open source solution (eCamm is for Mac only)
  • Useful features with OBS Ninja to add guests to your stream
  • How to stream on Instagram, and other platforms for free
  • Take advantage of OBS’s built-in free streaming platforms
  • How to highlight comments and format them on your stream
  • Canva tutorial on overlays and graphics

your investment is risk free. if you don’t feel the live training event is for you, i will refund your investment. i offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

your bonuses

BONUS #1 one-on-one production call (60 minutes)
BONUS #2 Savvy Virtual Events Playbook
BONUS #3 Savvy Branding Playbook

savvy solutions to create eye-catching backgrounds

We’ll dive deep into the CASLA formula with simple hacks to attract and engage your audience. This is essential as a content creator to design an experience for your audience.

let’s play together

We use many products from the East which delivers them via container ships. When these cargo ships leave Asia and cross the Pacific Ocean to New York, it takes approximately 16 days. The same journey takes about 12 hours by plane. Let me help you shorten your journey in setting up a savvy screen space studio.

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